Ticket Prices
Single Movie 1 Adult $10.00
Single Movie 1 Child/Concession $9.00
Single Family $30.00
Double Movie 1 Adult $12.00
Double Movie 1 Child/Concession $11.00
Double Family $40.00

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Contact Us

Theatre: 1 Eacham Place Malanda

Administration: (07) 4092 6315

Email: charbern@aapt.net.au

Movie Infoline: (07) 4096 5726

Facebook: Majestic Theatre Malanda Facebook Page


August 2015      
  Fri 28th 5:30pm Love and Mercy (M)
    7:30pm Last Cab to Darwin (M)
  Sat 29th 1:00pm Love and Mercy (M)
    3:00pm Last Cab to Darwin (M)
    5:00pm Paper Towns (M)
    7:00pm Fantastic Four (M)
  Sun 3oth 12pm Last Cab to Darwin (M)
    2:00pm Fantastic Four (M)
    4:30pm Love and Mercy (M)
September 2015 Fri 4th 5:00pm Last Cab to Darwin (M)
    7:30pm Trainwreck (MA)
  Sat 5th 12:30pm Ant-Man (PG) $5 Dollar Special
    3:00pm Trainwreck (MA)
    5:15pm Last Cab to Darwin (M)
    7:30pm Trainwreck (MA)